Our Founder

Adam S. Glazer – Broker & Founder

Adam GlazerIn the 12 years since Adam entered the Real Estate industry, he’s acquired an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the business. From his first day as a Realtor, Adam has always had a different view of and approach to Real Estate than was found amongst many of his peers. He’ll tell you like it is, but always with your best interest at heart. Adam treats people like … people, not a commodity. In fact, he got into the business because he felt people should be treated the way he hoped to be treated when purchasing his family’s first home. That experience has guided his development as a Real Estate professional. When you meet Adam, you’ll see he treats every client like he would his closest friend. He’s extremely passionate about the industry and loves to share his knowledge. It’s his opinion that the inner workings of Real Estate have been unnecessarily shrouded in secrecy for far too long. Believing that most people can discern real feedback and advice from the same old sales pitch, he founded Listing Houses for Less to revolutionize an industry gone awry (yes, that’s a five-cent word).

By the way, he’s also a certified chef, and according to the FAA, a licensed pilot. No, we’re not kidding.

To learn more about Adam’s vision and why Listing Houses for Less exists, we recommend checking out Our Story or Adam’s first contribution to our Blog. And feel free to drop Adam a line via e-mail – word is, he’ll even offer some awesome cooking tips.