Our Story – Real Estate according to Listing Houses for Less

Over a dozen years in the Real Estate industry, Listing Houses for Less founder Adam Glazer became more and more concerned and frustrated by the industry’s standard practices for buying and selling homes. He always sought to provide his clients with the best marketing possible but found little to no support from the agencies and corporate entities with whom he was associated.

As communications technologies – particularly online marketing channels – exploded throughout the 2000s, Glazer did everything he could to try stay on top of these innovations. He always strived to do the best he could to market his client’s homes. But he quickly realized as one, independent agent who received no real support, he couldn’t possibly master all of the new, rapidly developing marketing channels at his disposal.

The connection was pretty easy for Glazer to make: Why not find experts in all of these marketing fields and leverage their skills to improve the marketing provided to every seller? In short, Glazer decided it was better to take a marketing approach to Real Estate rather than a Real Estate approach to marketing. In 2011, he founded Listing Houses for Less with a team of marketing experts who directly support the company’s agents in their quest to provide the most comprehensive residential Real Estate marketing in the industry.

To be as effective and efficient as possible, Glazer developed the Listing Houses for Less model as a full service real estate brokerage that specializes in marketing and listing houses. Furthermore, the efficiency developed by this new industry model allows for the “Less” part of Listing Houses for Less; our clients save an average of about 25% compared to the industry standard agency commission.

With LHFL launched, Glazer has turned toward educating all sellers, buyers and even those so bold as to take on the challenge of selling their homes “by owner.” Upon  reviewing the LHFL website, you will discover  links regarding Glazer’s industry insights, LHFL’s free downloadable guides and other helpful resources for those engaged in the Real Estate process. And, as always, we encourage you to contact our office with any questions, concerns or comments you might have at (877) 511-LIST.